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5 Marla Booking Details and Application Form Download of DHA Gujranwala
12-24-2017, 08:44 PM
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5 Marla Booking Details and Application Form Download of DHA Gujranwala

DHA Gujranwala installments Application Form with Instructions And Ballot Results Form:

Last date of application to be deposited in these banks only Askari, UBL, BOP and Soneri Banks is Jan 31st 2018 unless extended.

Lahore Real Estate ® as an authorized dealer of DHA Gujranwala will provide a totally free of cost assistance to all applicants want to try their luck in this instalment plots ballot by helping them in filling their forms as soon as possible correctly completely & or checking their forms for correctness before submitting them to banks. We will not get any fee or any kind of compensations from DHA Gujranwala or you the applicants. Like all past DHA installments ballots once again this is a fully free of charge service to help our past clients and the DHA Gujranwala and any one else trying to submit this application. These installments plots are going to be booked direct by DHA Gujranwala and Lahore Real Estate ® dont get any benefit of any kind hidden or visible if you apply it or dont apply it. We are only helping you free of cost in hopes if you do get a plot in ballot you may wish to sell it through Lahore Real Estate ® in future years just like possibly selling to any other dealer. We at LRE believe as an authorized dealers of DHA Gujranwala its our duty to help DHA Gujranwala to best of our ability to get most application submitted and filled properly by applicants so they dont stay our of ballot due to just technical reason alone. Due to extreme call volume to DHA Gujranwala office their phones are unanswered in bust times and due to huge traffic official website of DHA Gujranwala may not always be accessible. They may not be able to help each person looking for assistance to properly file these applications. Like DHA Multan in past we have assigned dozens highly educated associates at Lahore Real Estate ®  that have good experience in filling processing installments plots applications forms like these in DHA Lahore DHA Bahwalapur DHA Peshawar and DHA Multan . So we are glad to assist you to best of our knowledge for DHA Gujranwala instalment plots application in this hour of need for you and DHA. Once again there is no fee charges by LRE from you or the DHA. You should not pay a single Rs to any dealer and no one can assist you in getting a plot in ballot with money or bribe as many fraudsters try to run scams to mint money from applicants claiming they can help in getting plots. We have recently witnessed a very very fair ballot in DHA Multan with 1000s of Lahore Real Estate ® clients getting residential and commercial plots free of any bribe or connections and their plots wore in profit from day one 5 lacs to 30 lacs depending on if they applied residential or commercial plots. I got calls from 1000s people who won on their own so request you not to pay any one for any help in filing forms or getting plots. Forms are very simple. Just fill take it to banks listed here and they will just give you a deposit slip.. Keep that receipt for your record that is it. Try your best to have original sign on applications . Apply as early as possible because entry into database and conformation of application will be much easier. With time getting closer to applications closing dates bank clerics and DHA data entry staff get tired and fatigued and chances of mistake are possible. Sooner the better to allow enough time for DHA to get data from banks etc. I hope you understand me correctly. If still help is needed send me a WhatsApp text at +923224929992 & +16308024186

Warning: No money should be sent to any body at Lahore Real Estate ® or any other  dealers any where in Pakistan matter of fact . Money must be deposited by you or your relatives /friends directly in the banks listed in here. LRE will not be responsible for sending any money to any one on our behalf. Lots of frauds seen these days in market due to tough market conditions in past years.  If you do send money to any estate or LRE you must first inform management about person and amount sending and demand a estate receipt after sending money as without receipt no estate can be held responsible for a single rupee lost to any scam artist.

Total Price: Pak Rs 20 Lacs (Not Including Development Charges)

Processing Fee: Pak Rs 3,000 (Non Refundable)

Down payment: Pak Rs 3 Lacs (Must be needed within 10 days of balloting)

Total 7 x Quarterly installments: Pak Rs 242,860 (Each instalment & every 3 months)

Categories limits for plots in ballot

*General Public 80%*
*Serving / Retd Defence Persons & Govt / Semi Govt Employees 7%*
*Overseas Pakistanis 10%*
*Senior Citizens (Above 65 years of age) 3%*

Lahore Real Estate ® is expecting own/profit money from first day after ballot of about 3 lacs on DHA Gujranwala 5 marla plots just like we told you before ballot about DHA Multan will be getting 5 lacs and it did get it and still has till today months after ballot. Due to very small size of project available plots may be very low so own/profit on winners in ballot applications is highly likely . DHA Gujranwala is superb location right on GT road close to densely populated city of Gujranwala and very wealthy population with deep pockets will be buying land files to get plots in here in near future once full flange development is started on DHA Gujranwala land files balloted plots. DHA Gujranwala land files are already very late for ballot but now highly likely to go to ballot some time in 2018 as land purchase is now almost complete and main entrance gate construction have and ground levelling already started. We wish and request DHA Gujranwala to disclose exact location of project and available number of plots but just like past practice of DHAs even for this project exact location of project is not told and number of plots available in ballot for applicants is not disclosed still 10000s will apply like in past and start crying injustice only after getting unlucky if they dont get a plot in ballot. DHAs have built great reputation in past many years and people dont care to ask where is this project and what number of plots are available. We as registered dealer of Lahore for past 15 years experience gone through this process many times and seeing after application ballots beware of applicants currently registered dealers with DHA Lahore DHA Multan DHA Gujranwala DHA Bahawalpur. Lots of people during this time of filling application to get better chance for their own applications do discourage others in public forums from applying DHA installments plots but at same time shamelessly apply 10s of application each them self and only getting egg on their faces start crying injustice and blaming DHAs for their greed. This is a voluntary act no one is forcing you to file an application. Your chance to get a plot are minimal like a lottery. Dont apply if you cant afford to pay in full if get lucky. Dont apply more than one application and let others have equal chance. Those who try to get rich quick by gambling with dozens of application each no one to blame for greed than them self. No matter how much I want or tell you to wait for knowing exact location or number of plots people will still ignore my calls for calm and apply any way but will blame me or DHA only after they failed to get a plot because few lacs apply for few 1000s plots. Since in each and every DHA installments ballot people who applied and won made many lacs profits from day one no one can stop them to be careful and apply after knowing these much need basics like location of project or available number of plots.

I am *Ch Mujahid Yasin ( CMY ) Of Lahore Real Estate ® located MB46 Main Boulevard DHA Lahore Phase 6* ( You can also visit us for free personal assistance and cup of tea with biscuits ). We are authorized dealers of DHA Lahore DHA Gujranwara DHA Multan and DHA Bahawalpur ( Only estate in entire Pakistan registered with all 4 DHAs that are chapter of finest DHA Lahore) . We also have a Govt registered office with name of Gwadar Real Estate ® in Port Civic Center Airport road Gwadar to asisit you with Gwadar safest properties buying selling. *You can always reach me on free of cost services like WhatsApp etc on +923224949992 and +16308024186 .*  I prefer WhatsApp as it saves you money and I could answer you in detail without any fear of any cost of overseas or local calls to you Smile

If you need a call back with DHA Gujranwala instsallments form free help please feel free to fill this form :


If you will need to know ballot results when ballot held only this form must be filled in advance to get you results as quickly as possble via SMS and phone call:


You can also get help via an online chat here:


Use This Form For Lahore Real Estate ® DHA Gujranwala Daily Prices Update Via SMS Email Or To Join LRE Highly Popular LRE WhatsApp Groups :




*Information under here is a copy paste from DHA Gujranawala official form/website.*

DHA Gujranwala proudly announces launch of 5 Marlas Residential Plot Files from 26 December 2017. Application Forms can be downloaded by clicking Here. Forms are also available at our office as well as branches of Askari Bank, Bank Of Punjab, Soneri Bank, and United Bank Limited.

Forms duly filled with documents and pictures, required for each category, can be submitted in above mentioned 4 branches

DISCLAIMER: Files will be provided to successful candidates after balloting ONLY. DHA Gujranwala has not issued/ allotted any quota/ files to any person(s)/ party/ Property Dealer(s), Investor(s) etc. Any one buying files from any 3rd party before balloting shall be liable to fraud and may do any such trade of files at their own risk.

Please read terms and conditions care fully before sigining any documents, once you have sign the document (s), you are abide with the terms and conditions what so ever these are.


1. Applications will be received through designated branches of Askari, UBL, BOP and Soneri Banks only.

2. The name of the project will be DHA Gujranwala. The files to be offered in the project will be on ownership & allotment will be through balloting.

3. Successful applicants will have to apply for membership as per procedure in vogue.

4. Prompt payment of installments on due dates as per payment schedule is the essence of this contract. In case of lump sum payment at any stage, 5% discount will be given.

5. Quarterly installments will be paid by 5th of corresponding month through challan form / cheque / demand draft / pay order. In case of delay a surcharge @ Rs. 0.05% per day, or Rs. 1.50% per month will be imposed.

6. In case of corner plot, facing park, 60 ft wide road, 10% additional charges will be paid along with final installment.

7. If the applicant / allottee fails to pay TWO CONSECUTIVE INSTALLMENTS within the prescribed period, the allotment is liable to be cancelled. The amount deposited by the applicant will be refunded after deduction of 20% of paid amount.

8. The allottee will pay all taxes and other charges levied by federal or provincial Govt, local bodies and municipal bodies or any other authority, including those existing at present and those, which may be levied by the above mentioned, and / or other authorities in future.

9. DHA reserve the right to alter the allotment or make adjustment, relocation of plot, if the need so arises. In view of escalation / others essential reasons, additional development charges may be imposed if necessary and the same will not be challenged at any forum.

10. Formal allotment letter will be issued after payment of development charges / miscellaneous charges.

11. Allottee will abide by all existing rules, regulations, requirements, etc or any other conditions that may be prescribed by the authority from time to time.

Download 5 Marla Installments Plots Application Forms here



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