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Islamabad Expressway widening project on the cards - Salman - 04-09-2015 04:20 PM

Islamabad - As mega Rawalpindi-Islamabad metro bus project draws nearer to completion, the federal capital’s civic agency prepares to finalise much awaited multibillion rupees Islamabad Expressway widening project.
Approximately Rs 21 billion project of development of signal-free Islamabad Expressway from Zero Point to Rawat was previously put on back burner keeping in view the public inconvenience as major roads in twin cities were dug up due to construction of metro bus project.
The PC-I of the Islamabad Expressway widening project will be presented for approval before the Capital Development Authority-Development Working Party (CDA-DWP) on Wednesday (today). Besides this the CDA-DWP will also consider other projects - development of Kuri Model village, C-13 and C-14 sectors.
The CDA has already given Rs 220 million consultancy contract of project to a consortium of three private consultant firms including M/s Zeerak, M/s Moya and M/s M Iqbal Haque and Associates.
As per PC-I document available with The Nation, the project comprises development of signal-free and controlled access corridor of Islamabad Expressway up to five-lane dual carriageway as per envisaged in master plan of Islamabad.
The total length of Islamabad Highway from Zero Point Interchange to Rawat - an intersection of Islamabad Highway with GT Road - is approximately 24 kilometres. If executed, it will take only 15 minutes to cover distance between the two points.
Project includes rehabilitation, widening, grade separated interchanges, flyovers, underpasses, hydraulic structures, pedestrian bridges, bus-bays, fencing, efficient lighting system and other miscellaneous works.
Whole project is divided in three phases. The phase-I includes rehabilitation of existing three lanes dual carriageway and addition of two new lanes on each side of highway from Zero Point Interchange to Faizabad Interchange.
The phase-II includes rehabilitation of existing five-lane dual carriageway from Faizabad to Airport Chowk. While, phase-III includes rehabilitation of existing two-lanes dual carriageway, besides addition of three lanes to each side of the highway from Airport Chowk to Rawat.
According to traffic count date, the expanded Islamabad Expressway would cater next two decades traffic needs of the area.
Moreover, new service roads on east and west sides of the highway from Airport Chowk to Rawat will also be constructed.
Construction of two mega interchanges - at Airport Chowk and Rawat - is also part of the project. Also, three flyovers, one each at sector I-8 signal, Faizabad Interchange, and Defence Housing Authority will also be part of the project, besides a number of underpasses and overhead bridges at Kuri Road, PWD Colony, Japan Road, Korang, Soan etc.
A senior CDA official said the CDA would execute this project utilizing its own financial resources, as per current arrangements. “Initially, it has been decided that the CDA will execute this project on self-finance basis but on deferred-payment mode,” he said, adding the federal government had earlier assured to fund this project partially but final mode of funding would be worked out at later stage.
“The federal government can announce grant for the CDA to execute this project but at some later stage,” he added.
The idea of project - development of a road on the patron of Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road, which has high-rise buildings on both sides - was conceived by country’s biggest real estate tycoon some four years back. For one reason or the other it was delayed.
In recent past the same project was presented to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who gave a positive nod for the project.
The project will also boost real estate business in Zone-V of Islamabad, as dozens of private housing societies fall along the highway.