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CDA allocates Rs 334m for Kashmir Highway - Salman - 07-06-2013 05:18 PM

CDA allocates Rs 334m for Kashmir Highway

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has allocated Rs 334 million for the addition of 3rd and 4th lane to the Kashmir Highway from Peshawar Morr to Golra Morr.

This amount was approved in the CDA budget for the financial year 2013-14.

The project, which is to be completed at a cost of Rs 4.8 billion, was started in February 2012. The highway would be widened to five-lanes on both sides from the existing two lanes. The construction work on the new Islamabad Airport will be completed next year and that will increase the traffic flow on this road.

CDA Chairman Nadeem Hassan Asif has visited the construction sites and directed the engineering wing of the authority to expedite the work.

He expressed his dissatisfaction and annoyance over the slow pace of development work and directed the engineering member to complete work within three months.

The CDA chairman also directed him to devise a three-month completion plan for this project immediately.

During his visit to Kashmir Highway, the CDA chairman directed the officers concerned to ensure proper arrangements of security at depressions located on the construction sites.

He inspected various phases of the highway, especially the sections between Peshawar Morr and Toll Plaza and directed the formation concerned of the authority to use modern construction technology.

Water filtration plants: The residents of various sectors on Friday demanded more water filtration plants in the federal capital.

They said that several sectors still do not have this facility due to which people are facing water problem.

They said that the CDA is operating 37 filtration plants in several areas to provide clean drinking water but these are not enough.

The residents of G7, G8, G9, G10, and I8 expressed dissatisfaction on the maintenance of these plants.

A resident of G8, Ahmed Ali, said the filters are not replaced on time since years and people have no choice rather then to drinking unhygienic water from these plants.

A resident of G7, Arshad Satti, said the authorities concerned have failed to ensure timely replacement of water filters and other necessary gadgets. Senior officials of the CDA said the civic body has decided to install 10 new water filtration plants and 10 new tube-wells in the federal capital in the financial year 2013- 2014 and the project would cost of Rs 50 million.

They said that the new water filtration plants would be installed at various sectors, including G9, G11 and F8.

Encroachments: The vendors encroached on the footpaths in different commercial areas of the twin cities which irk the residents.

The shopkeepers and vendors in different areas, including Karachi Company, Aabpara, Faizabad, Bahara Kohu, Raja Bazaar, Commercial Market, Double road and adjoining bazaars, have encroached on the footpaths. The shopkeepers display goods on pavements while the vendors on the footpaths forcing the pedestrians to walk in the middle of the roads.

The residents said it becomes impossible to cross the road for them because the footpath has been covered with illegal encroachments. He added that it is the prime duty of the authorities concerned to keep the footpaths and roads clear of encroachments.

A CDA official said the authority removed the encroachments from the markets several times.

He said that the CDA committed to keep the footpaths clean and safe for the pedestrians and it was a baseless allegation that the authority had not done any practical work.

He said the authority warned the shopkeepers not to encroach on footpaths otherwise they would be fined.