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CM for upkeep of Ring Road - Salman - 07-21-2012 03:59 PM

CM for upkeep of Ring Road

LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that billions of rupees investment has been made on Lahore Ring Road project, therefore, its maintenance and upkeep is of utmost importance.
He stated this while presiding over a high-level meeting of Lahore Ring Road Authority at his Minar e Pakistan tent office on Friday. He asked Lahore Ring Road Authority to evolve a financial model to generate its own resources.
The Chief Minister noted that modern infrastructure promotes economic and commercial activities, therefore, the government is spending billions of rupees on the betterment of road network. He pointed out that a network of roads, bridges, flyovers and underpasses is being laid throughout the province. He informed that the northern portion of the Ring Road has already been completed, while work will soon be initiated on its southern loop.
He said that the northern section of the Ring Road is a remarkable architectural achievement, and, similarly, its southern portion will also be of an unprecedented quality. He said that two underpasses at Karrol Ghati and Bheni Road would be constructed at Lahore Ring Road, besides introducing a modern traffic system to ensure smooth flow of traffic. The Chief Minister ordered that recruitment for Ring Road Police should be made through Punjab Public Service Commission, while the new police force should be trained at Motorway Police Academy.
The meeting was informed that a separate traffic police force, on temporary basis, has been deputed at Ring Road to conduct traffic flow, whereas Rescue-1122 kiosk has been set up at Mehmood Booti Interchange, while two ambulances have also been deputed. Furthermore, construction work on 3.1 km-long road joining Ring Road to Ferozpur Road, at Khaira Distributery, is also being expeditiously completed.