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Suicide over KSE loss - LRE - 05-31-2008 10:44 PM

Suicide over KSE loss

Staff Report

KARACHI: A man Thursday committed suicide by shooting himself with his own TT pistol, within the premises of his shop, in the jurisdiction of Jamshed Quarter police station.

Deceased Mohammad Abid Memon, 48, was a resident of Garden East. He ran a general store close to his house. Quoting relatives, SHO Fawad Akhwan said, due to poverty, Memon invested some money in the stock exchange but he lost the money. Later he asked for money for further investment in the stock exchange, but his wife refused. That’s why he was disheartened and committed suicide. His body was taken to Civil Hospital, Karachi where his family took the body away without completing legal formalities. The deceased’s family was engaged in the funeral process and the police was waiting till after the funeral to record statements from the family.