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Full Version: Young generation support armed forces
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Sunday, October 25, 2009
Noor Aftab


A large number of students from different schools and colleges of the twin cities staged a demonstration on Saturday to show their unflinching support to the armed forces in their ongoing battle against militants and vowed to remain united for betterment of the country.

The impressive outpouring of sentiments by future leaders of the country took place at a popular public spot in the heart of the capital city,

which is reeling from a series of terrorist attacks so far claiming hundreds of lives including female students of International Islamic University, Islamabad.

The participants of the event, jointly organised by Young Pakistan, Young Youth Alliance and Young Citizens, showed firm determination that they would render any kind of sacrifice to save their loving country.

Carrying national flags, banners and placards, the participants chanted slogans against increasing militancy and demanded of the government to take every step to get rid of the menace threatening integrity of the country.

Speaking on the occasion Ayla Hussain from Young Pakistan, a non-governmental organisation, said that the people of Pakistan especially students would put in their best efforts to embark the country on the road of progress and prosperity. “We are united and are fully capable of defending our country. No one can mute our voices because the students always play their key role in the hour of need,” she said. She said that the green flag shows us the way; to be peaceful, to progress and to spread light and knowledge, adding this is what visionaries like Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, Chaudhry Rehmat Ali and Liaquat Ali Khan had envisaged for their Pakistan.

Raheel Khan said that the green colour in the flag represents prosperity; white symbolises peace; the white crescent represents progress; and the white star, light and knowledge. “We, the people, want to see the vision of founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah not, as a dream but as a prophecy. Inshallah, with the support and dedication of patriotic Pakistani citizens, Pakistan will one day become one of the greatest nations in the world,” he said.

The youngest participant of the demonstration was 5-year old Ayan, who is studying in Army Public School and reached the place with her father.

Ayan said she feels scared while watching dead bodies and blood on the television screens and she wants all the people to remain united and peaceful.

She said: “Our teachers have told us that if we want to make our country stronger then we should remain peaceful and move towards the path of progress and prosperity.”

Tahir Abbas, district coordinator of Young Pakistan, said that they have started a ‘Flag Movement’ to unite the nation against looming adversity and rekindle a feeling of patriotism in every Pakistani citizen.
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