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Full Version: Clean shoes with potatoes, banana skins: Study
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Monday, August 31, 2009

Forget shiners. Clean your shoes with banana skins and potatoes that may help you save some money, a new book has suggested.

According to the book, the slimy inside of banana skin doubles as a remarkably effective, cheap polish, and then the leather should then be buffed with a soft cloth no doubt an effective way to save money, BBC reported.

And, should your shoes be badly scuffed, the solution is to first rub them with half a raw potato before wiping them clean, the book titled ‘Make Do and Mend’ says. The book, an updated version of the Second World War booklet ‘Make Do and Mend’, also includes more modern advice to save money such as performing a nightly phone charger check to make sure they are not needlessly draining electricity. Other timeless tips include using toothpaste to clean jewellery and Sellotape to remove bright yellow lily pollen before it stains.
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