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Full Version: Jinnah didn’t know Urdu, was fluent in Gujarati’
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Daily Times Monitor

AHMEDABAD: An Indian newspaper has claimed that Muhammad Ali Jinnah – the founder of Pakistan – could not read or write Urdu, the official language of Pakistan which “later became one of the reasons behind separation of Bangladesh”.

The Times of India said, “The fact was recorded in many books that Jinnah was not comfortable with either Urdu or Bangla.” But Jinnah was fluent in Gujarati – his mother tongue and a language he could read as well as write.

“Around 1915, Jinnah gave an interview to experimental magazine Vismi Sadi (20th Century). In this interview, Jinnah answered eight questions in Gujarati in one word each in his own handwriting. These one-word answers in Gujarati from Jinnah gave interesting insight into his personality,” said the newspaper. “Jinnah signed off as Muhammad Ali Jeena, as one would write in Gujarati.”
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