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Full Version: Karachi: Lyari to be renamed as ‘Benazir Bhutto Town’?
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In a surprising move, the Lyari Town Council on Saturday unanimously passed a resolution to change the name of Karachi’s oldest locality, Lyari, to ‘Benazir Bhutto Town’. The move is aimed at paying tribute to the Pakistan People’s Party’s (PPP) slain leader.

The council meeting wherein the resolution was passed was presided over by Town Naib Nazim Jamal Haider. A minority councilor of Lyari Town presented the resolution seeking to change the name of the old area, long considered a PPP stronghold, was passed with massive support by council members.

In this regard, when The News contacted area activists, they expressed their anger against the town Nazim, council members and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leadership, which, they say, has taken the decision to create anarchy in the neighbourhood. People, they said, may exhibit their anger at this move. “This is not a way to change history. Why could the town administration not launch a campaign earlier about this idea to get the consent of the area people and of saner elements,” said a Baloch intellectual, who added they were planning to launch a campaign against this decision.

Another activist said that the PPP loyalists had already changed the name of Nawab Shah, the home district of the President of Pakistan, in similar way but could not remove the historical name from the hearts of the people.

Despite repeated attempts, The News could not locate Lyari Town Nazim Mehmood Hashim for further comments on the issue and to enquire whether or not the town council had the backing of the majority of the community and party activists or not.
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