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Full Version: Rawalpindi: More internally displaced families arrive in city
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by Khalid Iqbal
Following drone attacks and unrest around 219 families from Waziristan migrated to Rawalpindi during the past one-week including 32 families from Mingora, Takhta Bund, Khawaza Khela, Matta, Chal Baz Village and Banno Garan that arrived in the city on Sunday.

From the newly migrated families, 11 settled in Bokra, nine in Pirwadhai ‘Katchi Abadi’ and 12 in Dhoke Jhang near Adiala Jail while 187 families are living in Kallar Syedan, Girja Village, Golra, Chatta Bakhtawar, Kurri and some other areas including Pirwadhai.

District Nazim Raja Javed Ikhlas told ‘The News’ that displaced persons are increasing day-by-day in and around the Rawalpindi City. “People of Potohar are famous for their hospitality and it’s their national duty to help displaced people,” he said.

ANP leader Zahid Khan said that hundreds of people from troubled areas are migrating to other safer places. “The government is trying to hold talks with Sufi Muhammad and we hope for the success of talks,” he added.

US drone attacks are the major threat for people. It is the third attack since Obama sworn-in as US President. More than 2000 displaced families are already living in different parts of Rawalpindi in worst conditions. Every day 20 to 25 migrant families from troubled areas are arriving in Rawalpindi. A total of 197 primary, middle and high boys and girls schools have been destroyed by the extremists in troubled areas in which more than 100,000 students were studying, ‘The News’ learnt.

The members of internally displaced families told ‘The News’ that they have no hope for peace in their areas due to it they have shifted for the life safety of their children.

Zar Muhammad Shah from Mingora said that government could not stop US drone attacks in these areas. “These attacks would spread all over the country because America want full control over Pakistan,” he said.

Alam Zeb Khan from Khawaza Khela said that they were not safe in their own areas due to clashes between security forces and Taliban and US drone attacks.

Zarmina Dilawar from Takhat Bund said that what would be the future of her hungry children who were leading a life without food, shelter, clothes, education and security.
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