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Full Version: Development work reviewed: CDA told to install sewage treatment plants in all sectors
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Development work reviewed: CDA told to install sewage treatment plants in all sectors

ISLAMABAD: The Sub-Committee of Senate Functional Committee on Government Assurances while reviewing development process of sectors 1-15 and 1-16 has asked Capital Development Authority (CDA) to make efforts for installation of sewage treatment plants in each sector of the city.

Senator Chaudhry Muhammad Anwar Bhinder chaired the meeting attended by senators Liaquat Ali Banqulzai, Syed Dilawar Abbas and Prof Sajid Mir, CDA Chairman Tariq Mehmood Khan and officials of National Engineering Services of Pakistan (NESPAK) and Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO).

The meeting suggested to the CDA to install at least one treatment plant to cater to two or more sectors jointly if installation of the plants in each sector was impossible.

It also appreciated the level of coordination among various organisations in expediting development activities in Sector 1-16. It observed that a timely completion of the development work would enable people to undertake construction.

Bhinder, who is the sub-committee convener, said there was a time when development of the sector seemed impossible, but now the development activities had picked up due to efforts made by the Senate body and effective coordination among various organisations.

Briefing: Earlier, the CDA chairman and the NESPAK officials briefed the sub-committee on installation of sewerage treatment plant in the sector. They said the plant would be helpful for recycling of water to be used for horticulture purposes.

The sub-committee directed the authorities concerned to gear up efforts to complete installation of the sewage treatment plant as soon as possible. It will now finalise its recommendations, which would be submitted to the concerned Senate standing committee for further consideration.

Encroachments on rise in I-11: Encroachments are proliferating in the environs of Sector I-11 Fruit and Vegetable Market.

The area residents are also facing problems due to encroachments, which hinder their free movement. Muhammad Anis, a resident, said the authorities concerned were paying no heed towards removal of the encroachments.

The residents and traders of Fuji Colony and Bangash Colony demanded that the relevant authorities take action against encroachers and punish them in accordance with laws.

When contacted, the officials of Capital Development Authority (CDA) said the authority was planning to take action against encroachers in the area. app
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