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Full Version: Jeddah-Makkah railway project to be taken up soon
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RIYADH, Jan 2: Work on the Haramain railway project, which links Jeddah with Makkah and Madinah, is expected to start soon.

The Saudi ministry of transport is expected to open later this month financial offers made for the multi-billion riyal contract.

“The financial offers for the Makkah-Madinah Railway Link (MMRL) project will be opened this month,” Transport Minister Jabara Al-Seraisry told journalists here.

King Abdullah approved the 20 billion riyal project last year and asked officials to use local funds for the purpose.

The project, designed to operate trains with a speed of over 300km per hour, will reduce travel time between Jeddah and Makkah to 30 minutes and between Jeddah and Madinah to two hours.
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