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Full Version: Chinese Group Interested in Building an Industrial Plant in Punjab
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Chinese Group Interested in Building an Industrial Plant in Punjab

Lahore: The Chinese delegation showed great interest in establishing a manufacturing facility in the Punjab SEZ.

A delegation of Chinese businessmen, led by TIENS Group President Zhang Zhang, has expressed its intention to set up a factory in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Punjab during a meeting with Punjab Interim Minister of Commerce S.M. Tambia.

“Our group would like to expand our business activities in Pakistan and establish a manufacturing base here as well,” said Zhang. He added that the group is interested in exploring investment opportunities in Punjab and starting joint ventures (JVs) with Pakistani companies.

The Minister pledged to the delegation the full cooperation and support of the Government of Punjab. “TIENS Group should set up a factory in the special economic zone,” he said.

“There are also many investment opportunities in electric vehicle production in Punjab,” he added.

The representative was briefed on 13 existing SEZs and his six other SEZs in the pipeline. Both sides reiterated their desire to strengthen cooperation and explore investment opportunities in energy, health and technology education.
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