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Full Version: Direct Plots For Sale in DHA Multan by Lahore Real Estate
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Direct Plots For Sale in DHA Multan by Lahore Real Estate

Lahore Real Estate strongly discourages any baina plots buying or selling to all its clients to save 10% to 15% extra kept by dishonest dealers.

All plot numbers could be exact numbers or an equivalent value nearby plot to listed plot numbers in most cases.

5-Marla DHA Multan Plots

P-1663 @ 20.50 Lacs
P-2767 @ 20 Lacs
T 2213 @ 24 Lacs
T-1092 @ 22 Lacs
T-4516 @ 20.50 Lacs
T-5390 @ 20 Lacs
T-5807 @ 19 Lacs
T-6119 @ 20 Lacs
V-4724 @ 20 Lacs
V-5098 @ 22 Lacs Facing Park

8-Marla DHA Multan Plots

V-1540 @ 32 Lacs
V-1737 @ 32 Lacs
V-2338 @ 32.50 Lacs Corner
V-2605 @ 31 Lacs Near Park
V-950 @ 34 Lacs ( 8 Marla )

10-Marla DHA Multan Plots

B1-974 @ 42 Lacs
B1-339 @ 43 Lacs Corner
U-291 @ 43 Lacs
U-1360 @ 42 Lacs 65Ft Road

1-Kanal DHA Multan Plots

F-10 @ 75 Lacs Facing Park
G 131 @ 62 Lacs
G-131 @ 62 Lacs Almost Final
H-1353 @ 80 Lacs
L 497 @ 63 Lacs
M-981 @ 80 Lacs
Q-1512 @ 60 Lacs
Q-927 @ 62 Lacs
R 382 @ 72 Lacs
U 1912 @ 62 Lacs
W2 675 @ 55 Lacs corner 80 feet
X 1594 @ 56 Lacs

If your plot you gave to Lahore Real Estate for sale is missing from this list and you want it to be advertised at all Lahore Real Estate platforms please send me WhatsApp at +923224929992 to add your plots to this list rightaway.

None of these plots are market plots still some times sellers changes his mind on offer or given plots to many dealers at the same time and may sell to other dealers on last minute and not inform us on time until we give him an offer. We have dozens of other plots for sale that are available on phone calls only as sellers don't want us to advertise them publicly in groups etc cause local unauthorized dealers get phone data with bribes and constantly bother clients with fake lower offers.

To buy or sell these plots contact me directly to route you proper Lahore Real Estate associates.

Ch Mujahid Yasin Cell & WhatsApp +923224929992
Lahore Real Estate
MB-46 Main Boulevard
DHA Lahore Phase 6
Near DHA Head Office
PTCL No +9242-111-111-040

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