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Full Version: Real estate scams - Bahria Town and DHA City
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Bahria Town’s activities were no secret, but it took years, and several orders by the Supreme Court, before NAB finally produced sufficient evidence for the apex court to deliver a damning verdict against the real estate behemoth in May this year. Then there is the DHA City Lahore case in which NAB named Kamran Kayani, the brother of former army chief retired Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, as one of the main accused. That investigation too, like so many others, has gone nowhere.

It is not as though land scams were unknown in this country earlier and that unscrupulous individuals did not dupe the public into investing in projects that did not materialise. But such fraudulent schemes were neither so common nor so massive in scale — involving multibillion rupee profits and affecting tens of thousands of people — as they are today.

In recent years, numerous such major projects have come up in various urban centres, often constructed on illegally acquired prime real estate or in violation of laws that govern the disposal of land. Violence is invariably part of the mix, used to evict indigenous communities and when rival groups of land grabbers settle scores amongst themselves.

Meanwhile, speculation has pushed property prices beyond the reach of the average citizen, let alone the lower-income segment of society that has no recourse but to look to informal suppliers of real estate. The land mafia should not be further emboldened by lack of action by the government.


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