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Full Version: It's a time to invest in DHA Phase XI Halloki Garden
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Being a low-cost Defence Housing Authority project that targets buyers and investors looking at affordable options, DHA Phase XI Halloki Garden has now entered a phase that is seeing prominent growth in demand and consequently in property rates. Here is all you need to know about it.


The society is located adjacent to DHA Rahbar Phase II, while Hudiara Drain bisects the two. The main entrance of Halloki Garden is from the 100-feet wide road that leads from Defence Road that passing through Rahbar Phase II and enters Halloki Garden in Block A while crossing over Hudiara Drain.

The society is covered from all sides and it has King Edward Medical College Housing Society on its right side, Khayaban-e-Amin on the left, and Bagh-e-Iram to its south.

The road that runs along Hudiara Drain connects Halloki Garden with the Alternate Route to Raiwind Road, which is also the society’s main link to the recently inaugurated Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop II.

Project details

Being a small DHA project, Halloki Garden comprises only two blocks, Block A and B. Block A primarily features residential plots in size of eight marlas, while it has a few plots of five marlas. Block B, on the other hand, only has residential plots of five marlas. In both of these blocks combined, Halloki Garden approximately features a little over 1,400 plots.

Being a project featuring plots in smaller sizes, streets in Block A are 35 feet wide, and those in Block B stretch to 30 feet. Block A’s Main Boulevard is 75 feet wide, and when it enters Block B, it shrinks to 60 feet.

An area spanning 9.2 kanals has been reserved for a school in Block A, which is also home to the society’s only commercial market facing a central round-about. Commercial plots in this society are yet to be launched. On the roundabout, the 40-kanal area marked as DHA-reserved area is believed to be the site for a public park, the only park of this society. About four kanals of land around this roundabout is meant for the masjid, and another four kanals for a petrol pump.

The society has connections available for electricity and water, which are readily available, while the society has an approval for a gas connection, which will be provided once the population here reaches a certain level.

Market Trends

The demand for plots in Halloki Garden picked up soon after DHA granted possession throughout the society some months ago. A constant yet modest rise in property rates has also been witnessed. According to Farhan Mir of SA Estate Advisors, property rates in Halloki Garden are currently the most affordable in the neighbourhood. Mir has also witnessed tremendous activity in the society, where buyers have certain preferences according to their budget and investment plans.

He noticed that the market rates of well-located plots in both blocks of Halloki Garden have been increasing persistently. Based on this, he believes that the time is now ripe for investors looking to make rewarding medium term investments. In this regard, he recommends 5-marla plots enjoying central locations in Block B.

Farhan believes that construction of houses here will increase the demand and market rate of plots even further as the same was witnessed in the neighbouring DHA Rahbar Phase I and II.

A look at market rate

Compared with property rates in DHA Rahbar Phase II, prices in Halloki Garden are lower by over 30%. Experts believe that, considering the current demand in Halloki Garden, this gap could easily be filled in a medium term. The deal is evenly tempting for the end users and genuine buyers. Here are the current rates of 5-marla and 8-marla plots in Halloki Garden’s Blocks A and B:

Blocks Plot size Price range (PKR)
Block A 5-Marla 4,200,000 – 4,500,000
8-Marla 4,800,000 – 6,000,000
Block B 5-Marla 3,600,000 – 4,500,000
Looking at the current market demand and the fact that rates here are lower by a decent margin compared to similar developments in the neighbourhood, investing in Halloki Garden right now makes sense. And not to mention that only number of sellers here is reducing fast. Let us know your opinion through your comments. We also welcome any query this article has left unaddressed for you.

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