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Full Version: DHA Phase 9 Prism Development and Blockwise Rates
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DHA Phase 9 Prism Lahore

Phase 9 Prism is a good investment. Hopefully should enjoy the fast on going development in Prism.

DHA Phase 9 Prism R and Q block Video update

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism Q Block
DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism R Block

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Block Wise Rates Update From Lahore Real Estate March 13, 2018


D Block: 335 to 375 Lacs

(Only 180 Plots out 25000 Plot in the Whole Prism surrounded by Golf Course Located in heart of Prism, No doubt a must hold or buy option for a longer run (3 -5 years) both for house construction & Investment Return


A-Block: 105 to 150 Lacs
B-Block: 85 To 135 Lacs
C-Block: 75 To 150 Lacs
D-Block: 75 to 150 Lacs
E-Block: 75 to 130 Lacs
F-Block: 85 to 135 Lacs
G-Block: 90 to 130 Lacs
H-Block: 78 to 130 Lacs
K-Block: 80 to 125 Lacs
L-Block: 75 to 125 Lacs
M-Block: 80 to 130 Lacs
N-Block: 75 to 130 Lacs
P-Block: 75 to 150 Lacs
Q-Block: 85 to 140 Lacs
R-Block: 75 to 115 Lacs

Note:- Civilian Paid Development charges Plot Demand will be higher than army plots in next 6 months because by the end of 2018 Civilian plots will have paid amount 19.50 Lacs of development charges(complete) while the army has only 4 to 5 lacs paid only……..

C-Block: 65 To 82 Lacs
F-Block: 65 To 78 Lacs
J-Block: 58 To 68 Lacs
K-Block: 60 To 70 Lacs
L-Block: 57 To 75 Lacs
R-Block: 62 to 78 Lacs


J-Block: 31 to 45 Lacs
K-Block: 32 to 45 Lacs
L Block: 32 to 40 Lacs
R-Block: 32: to 45 Lacs

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