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Full Version: Instructions for safe buying in Gwadar open private lands
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*Instructions for safe buying in Gwadar open private lands*

First looks for open land through established estate agents. Ask him to find only single owner land that also have GDA issued boundary wall NOC ready in sellers name. Avoid buying from private parties or people on net without any Estate offices (Because Estate agents will know all traps and short comming to protect you. A private person with lower prices is highly likely to disappear with your token amount or will get onto troubled land deals where already court case or Qabza type issues on going)

After you identify land through trusted well established dealers pay dealer less than one lac as token to show your buying seriousness and than plan a Gwadar visit for on site visit of that open land ( Every one with a cell phone can't be considered a dealer. Look for if a professional experienced knowledgeable dealer that has an office in Gwadar Karachi Islamabad or Lahore etc). Never pay more than one lac token. Baina will come later and that will be 30% of agreed price.

You should ask seller party to join you along with your dealer plus ask him to pay or you yourself pay local patwari to accompany you for proper identification/ demarcation on site the land. Seller or his dealers should have already done some pointing on land to make this visit easier and swift for you to also double check land.

Once land identified and patwari confirmed its location and single ownership. If possible hire a lawyer if not possible do ask your dealer to prepare a biana paper with very clear indication when transfer will be held. You must have seller selling Fard indicating single owner before biana and seller side NOC from GDA to build a boundary wall on entire land. Must verify this NOC is current in GDA. If they confirm it means the seller is genuine and you are safe.

After above step pay min 25% to maximum 30% biana for open land after signing documents in front of you with seller with his original CNIC present. At this stage right away ask your lawyer or your dealer to send an advertisement in local largest newspapers that you are buying this land and if any one have a dispute to inform you. This is a must needed step that 99% buyers failed to do till today. This step will legally protect you in case of future litigation against land. If you don't do it to save money you are guaranteed to lose case in future from start. *It is another story when you will start getting extortion calls from land mafia and Qabza groups seeing your land buy advertising* They will threat court case. Ask them to file it. They will never do it in 99% casea. But to protect you legally in private Gwadar lands this step is a must must must needed.

After newspaper ads do transfer and have an intiqaal in your name and must also have a registery done paying actual current prices. Only intiqaal can be cancelled any time by higher officers due to bribes or court cases etc. A registery can't be cancelled till court orders so you will be protected.

If you badly want the private land and land is multiple owners name you need to have all current owners present and sign the tattima on final payment day to avoid future litigation that may claim same land location belonging to them within family. A tattima from just a patwari signature and without all current signatures have zero value and you will be inviting nothing but trouble in future. Better look for one owner land seller even if have to pay little higher than other shady land deals.

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