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Full Version: Project plan for Peshawar Metro Bus finalised
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Peshawar: The project design for Peshawar’s Metro Bus has been finalised, states a news report. The estimated cost of the project is PKR 41 billion.

According to details, the Peshawar Development Authority Director General Manzoor Wattoo told the press that the track will be completed within 10 months in three phases.

The Chamkani-Balahisar track will be completed during the first phase, the Cantt-Aman Chowk track will be completed during the second phase, and the track leading to Hayyatabad will completed during the third phase.

Watto also told the reporters that an international standard park will be established along the Metro Bus track in Hayyatabad.

Choudhry Mujahid Yasin (CMY)

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