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Full Version: Gwadar Plots on installments booking soon from Lahore Real Estate
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*Correction must read*

*I mistyped 5 Marla For 17.50 Lacs. Actual plots size is 1 Kanal For about 17.5 Lacs payable in instalments of 2 years. Advance will be likely 10% to 20%. 5 Marla will be around 5 Lacs total price. Final amounts details and schedule will be available very soon and will keep you posted here. Very strong buying likely so no need to ho into nitty gritty. Think later and act first only in this case to get money ready. We have done home work for you already ?. Please arrange funds to send to Adil Saeed head of Lahore Real Estate. Can contact directly to Adil Saeed to save time. Call Adil Saeed +923224009766 asap to make arrangements for bookings at opening . Dealers are too rich and most likely booking 100s in lots as soon as booking opened but I want my friends here to have them first to have market lead to help you and me in future for establishing market sale purchase in this project. All investors must not look for quick gains here and promise to hold 2 years at least to see exceptional gains in future . This is property investment not stocks my dear friend. We want you to invest not do gambling . CMY*

*Lahore Real Estate will book installment plots in Gwadar in very low budgets.*

All friends are informed very soon Lahore Real Estate will be booking plots on installments in a Gwadar project as authorised dealer from a very reliable old time tested developer with land and fresh active NOC for this Gwadar project and intent to lead Gwadar with excellent development work with underground utilities etc. No Qabza groups danger and easy future transfers even in Lahore for sale purchase. This will be best possible & safest hassle free way to invest in Gwadar for many future years of gains.

I will provide name on phone only to friends intrested in booking in this Gwadar installments plots booking . The reason for that is very limited few hundred plots in total so I don't want to heat up market too much and not able to offer you plots on booking price or have any of my long-term friends miss this great chance.

It's least risky way to benifit from Gwadar real estate growth. No firm price available yet but likely one kanal plots in 17.5 Lacs in 2 years installments with 10 or 20% down payments . Please have about 2 to 3 Lacs ready in Pakistan along with 2 pictures and CNIC copy to immidaitly book these through Lahore Real Estate when booking opened . You don't even have to travel to Pakistan to book in this.

If booked through Lahore Real Estate We will InshaAllah keep you fully updated on future developments in this Gwadar project will provide easy buying selling opertunity of files in market and closely watch your interests like selling it at good prices in time of need. Most time people book from other dealers and than when left out alone by those cell phone dealers come to us for help like future membership forms completion address changes easy installment payment with LRE staff assistance etc. We will not close our our ears and eyes after booking plots but InshaAllah try our best to provide daily updates for these Gwadar files to have fair post market launch files sales purchases. Please book through Lahore Real Estate only if you want us to serve you best and watch your invested money very carefully like its our own hard earned money.

Good luck to you even if you don't chose book from Lahore Real Estate. We will still honestly try our best to help you in time of need. My hope is now at this time you will keep us in mind but you are free otherwise to buy or not to buy from LRE or in this project l. We also have cash options in Govt schemes in Gwadar if needed.

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