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Full Version: CDA conundrum – Deep pockets and no development
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The Islamabad Developers Association (IDA) has said the developers have sustained unprecedented loss of billion of rupees due to CDA’s lack of initiatives in terms of development work despite collection of Rs 20 billion through the auction of commercial and residential plots in the federal capital.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif the IDA has said that the CDA has failed miserably in providing parking facility for any commercial plots and multipurpose mega projects and on the other hand, developers have extended this facility to the residents and shop owners. CDA is focusing on auctioning parking plots rather than solving parking problems.

The letter said that CDA is selling more land and leaving the existing one undeveloped.

The letter said that no development work has been executed in sectors including D-12, E-12, I-14 and I-15 since long and on the other hand CDA is minting money by pocketing instalments from the allottees.

The IDA lamented that CDA performance has hit such a low that the civic body has shown its sheer inability to build a link road of 500 meters connecting I-14. CDA is sleeping over launching any measures for execution of development work in G-12 and F-12 sectors since the last 25 years despite payment of funds by the allottees.

CDA is extending support to encroachers and the entire Islamabad is rife with encroachments. CDA is not even honouring the decisions of high court and Supreme Court in terms of expediting development work and this way a culture of lawlessness has engulfed the entire city.
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