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Full Version: Development work underway in Multi Residencia & Orchards
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Islamabad: The Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS) is in the process of completing development work in its Multi Residencia & Orchards (a farmhouse project), Gillani Estate Chief Executive Officer Mr Sajid Gillani told on Thursday.

Mr Gillani said Block D of Multi Residencia & Orchards was almost 25% complete and the developer was working on infrastructure development there. He said the developer would hand over possession in the block in one-and-a-half years’ time.

He told that Block C of the project was complete and the developer had already handed over possession. According to Mr Gillani, the sale price of 5-kanal plots in Block C hovered between Rs 7,000,000 and Rs 9,000,000 and the sale price of 10-kanal plots in the block ranged between Rs 20,000,000 and Rs 25,000,000. In Block D, the value of 5-kanal plots currently lingers between Rs 6,500,000 and Rs 7,500,000 and the price of 10-kanal plots ranges between Rs 13,000,000 and Rs 14,000,000, he added.

Multi Residencia & Orchards is located adjacent to Jhang Bahtar Interchange on the M1 Motorway. The area boasts a beautiful landscape and subsoil resources. The project spans 3,500 kanals and offers decent accommodation in a serene environment.
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