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Full Version: DHA Lahore Phase 5 M Block Development Update Feb 2015
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DHA Lahore Phase 5 M Block Development Update Feb 2015

Lahore Real Estate prices evaluation team thinks DHA Lahore phase 5 M block is most under priced not only in DHA Lahore but also in entire city of Lahore because of its superb location with a map and also under development.

Lahore Estate strongly recommend you to buy a plot here if you plan to make your future house in DHA Lahore after 3 years wait but cant afford a 2 crore price tag for a 1 kanal plot in DHA 5 6. DHA Lahore phase 5 M block is equally important location compare to DHA 5 6 or 8. DHA Lahore phase 5 M block will be fully developed liveable safe and secure place in 3 years that is also the closest area in DHA to Lahore Ring road interchange exit entry points for easy access to airport or city.

To buy sell here you can always call Salman Maqsood at 03224009967 or 03004009967 with full confidence. You just cant find a person in DHA Lahore property market that is more updated on prices of DHA 5 M Block and who have most variety of plots to chose from with best possible prices.

Pictures dont look magical yet because this block is still under development. But when its developed in next 1 to 2 years prices are going to double or triple here.

Just to give you an idea how under priced is this phase 5 M block look at prices of 5 marla plots in DHA 9 town. Those DHA town plots are these days selling as high as 48 lacs for 5 marla. DHA Lahore phase 5 M block with far better location nearest to Lahore Ring Road interchange you can still find a 1 kanal under development plot for around 90 to 110 lacs including development charges in it. Only Allah knows what will gain most in future but based on more than a decade dealing in DHA Lahore with 1000s of plots and files I think its a very safe high return short and long term investment. You know where your plot is you know price is including development charges. You know what is development status and how long you have to wait for possession for your plot to start a dream house. My free advice to you is to go for it NOW before its untouchable too

At Lahore Real Estate we are different from other dealers. We just dont look for quick deal to make our commission from you. We try our best to find a most plots to choose at best prices for you. We want you to send your friends to us in future too. With the help of Allah we rarely do any advertisements in newspapers and do get most of our business due to word of mouth or our returning old clients. We try our best to assist you with respect honesty and hard work for you to get you best deal to earn halal money.This way business give us good returns. Been working good for past 10 years this way so keeping it that way in futurre too . 100s estates closed during property market slumps but thanks to Allah our business did grow many folds in past 10 years. Leaders of past like Chohan estate now try to copy us even our prices updates maps etc are bieng copied by their staff for months on daily bases. Allah key fazal sey we are now in top 10 estates in DHA Lahore in shortest time period.

More recent pictures are here

Good luck with your purchase here.

Choudry M Yasin ( CMY )

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