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Full Version: CDA secures possession of more 3000 kanals for expansion of sectors C-15, C-16
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ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started development work in new sectors of Islamabad including C-15 and C-16.

The responsibility for carrying out development work in these two sectors is being assigned to firms of international repute and international developers. The possession of further 3000 kanal land has been taken over for expansion of these two sectors.

These two sectors are being built in the heart of mountainous range of Margalla which is rich with scenic beauty and natural sights. Development work in Margala avenue is continuing on fast track basis.

Chairman CDA has decided to inaugurate these two sectors at the start of 2015. CDA administration is all set to make the inauguration process a success under the supervision of member Admn. This inauguration will serve as a gift of new year for the citizens.
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