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Full Version: CDA’s Plan to Accommodate I-14 Plot Owners Rebounds
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The Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) bid to accommodate the plot owners of I-14 during its redesigning 17 years ago has gone wrong due to the faulty results of balloting.

Out of 112 effected people who were selected to get plots in the I-12 sector, the balloting results for 36 members have been cancelled. As per an official of the estate department, these 36 people were given plots of wrong sizes so, the balloting for these 36 plots will be held again on December 26.

I-14 sector was launched back in 1997 but was opted for redesigning in 2005-06, during which 680 plots were eradicated from the map of the site. The civic authority offered alternative plots in I-12 to the affected people and 112 people were selected for the new plots through a balloting on December 11.

Due to the faulty results of balloting, many owners were given 35x60 square yard plots instead of 25x50 square yards plots. However, it is assured that the issue will be taken care of in the next balloting.
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