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Full Version: DHA Multan Detailed Information
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Many friends were looking for more detailed information for more options in safe secure housing projects. They especially wanted to know about DHA Multan.

DHA Multan

City of Saints Multan now have one of the biggest and most modern residential project. Under the supervision of Director of DHA Multan Brig ® Hammad Aziz Khan this 72000 kanal (Around 12000 Kanal of it has already been acquired ) modern masterpiece will be called DHA Multan. DHA Multan will have 5-Marla 10-marla and 1-Kanal and 2-kanal plots. Insha Allah 20000 kanal DHA Multan Phase I construction/development work will be started in the first quarter of year 2015 and will be finished by year 2020.

Keeping in mind low income people and affordability for most Brig ® Hammad Aziz Khan plans to have 5 & 10 marla plots in large numbers but there will be enough 1 to 2 kanal plots as well to accommodate well to do or wealthy people. Great features & facilities included in DHA Multan are underground electrification, 18-hole golf course, sewage treatment plants, five-star hotels, an education city with engineering and medical colleges, various schools and a university, commercial centres. There is also a Punjab Govt plan to have a Metro bus service and Multan Ring Road project in pipeline that could help DHA Multan prices a lot in future. Like Lahore and other major cities Askari housing will be introduced in DHA Multan.

DHA Multan expected location is on Bosan Road, at the back of Bahauddin Zakariya University.
Current price of DHA Multan File Of 1 Kanal is 30.85 Lacs.

Is it an authentic safe secure project like DHA Lahore?

Yes DHA Multan DHA Gujranwala Fazaia Gujranwala are authentic military projects and a good LONG TERM investments. We at Lahore Real Estate do recommend our clients to invest in these projects in addition to DHA Lahore phase 9. Please follow this order for your future investments in military backed projects.

Invest 50% of you future investments in DHA 9 town and DHA 9 proper.

Invest 25% in smaller size 5 to 10 marla plots in Fazaia Gujrawala.

Invest 25% in DHA Gujranwala or DHA Multan.

For commercial plots in future buy ONLY in DHA Lahore phase 9 and please switch your other commercial plots investment in DHA Lahore other phases like DHA 6 or DHA 8 or EVEN Bahria Town Lahore commercials into DHA Lahore phase 9 for 4 and 8 marla plots for greater % wise future returns compared to current v high priced commercial plots in DHA 6 8 and BT with same peace of mind and safety of DHA.

Above advice is for military backed/run projects only. I will try my best to write a detailed market direction post to cover NFC2 Bahria Town Karachi or other good options for future investments in non military projects.

You should call Mian Fawad our specialist in DHA Multan at +923024489001 email him at Fawad@LREPK.Com for further info or for sale purchase in DHA Multan.

Choudry Mujahid Yasin( CMY )
Lahore Real Estate
Direct Email ( Info@LREPK.Com )

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