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Full Version: Metro bus: Steps for pre-qualification of contractors taken in accordance with rules
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - Rawalpindi—Commissioner Rawalpindi Division and Director General (DG), Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), Zahid Saeed has said that all steps for pre-qualification of contractors in connection with Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Project (MBP) has been taken strictly in accordance with the laws/rules and principles of transparency.

He said that the pre-qualification criteria for the project is based on PPRA rule 16 which requires to ensure that only technically and financially capable firms having technical managerial capacity have been invited to submit bids and that such pre-qualification should be based on the capacity of the interested parties to satisfactorily performing the services or works.

While clarifying and responding to certain reservations of Transparency International about the project, DG, RDA, who is also Project Director of Metro Bus Project, said that PPRA rules have fixed the criteria for the contractors under rule 17.

He disclosed that the project has been divided into six to seven groups for the purpose of construction so that it may be completed as per schedule and these packages range from Rs 4.1 billion to 5.25 billion.

The project included various bridges, fly overs, under passes and road work and it is to be executed on the busiest traffic route starting from Mall Road near Flashman Hotel and ending at Faizabad in Rawalpindi for its integration to the 9th Avenue through IJP Road further leading to its destination to Pak Secretariat. For this reason, technically and financially competent contractors are required who may complete the work in accordance with the fixed construction standard and timeframe and this aspect has been kept in view, he added.

Zahid Saeed said that no compromise would be made on selection of contractors in terms of their technical and financial competence. He further mentioned that Pakistan Engineering Council has also fixed criteria of experience and procedure for pre-qualification of the contractors for such mega and complicated projects.

Similarly, NHA has also laid down criteria for pre-qualification of the contractors for the construction of fly-overs and under passes. He said that appointment of M/S NESPAK is also under PPRA rule 45 (5 & 6).

He disclosed that as the entire project including Islamabad portion is being constructed by RDA, therefore, PPRA rules will be applicable for the whole project.
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