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Full Version: Kuri Model Village Housing Scheme, Senate Committee Ordered Report From CDA
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Islamabad : Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat and Capital Administration Development Division meeting held in Islamabad on Tuesday, 7/1/2014. Chairperson of the committee, Kalsoom Parveen directed the CDA to made payment to legal residents of the areas.

She observed that the government had acquired the land but could not make payment in time, which resulted in increase in the number of affectees. Parveen said that genuine affectees be determined through revenue records of the areas concerned, while the rest will be dealt in court. The CDA officials informed the committee that a total of 1,800 people, who have been deemed genuine affectees, are eligible for compensation.

However, there are two stay orders on this project, one from the affectees and second for setting aside the whole award. The CDA is trying to have the stay orders vacated after which the process of compensation will be initiated. The committee gave CDA 15 days to update it on the progress on this project
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