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Full Version: CDA to auction 40 commercial plots in November
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CDA to auction 40 commercial plots in November

* Chairman says successful bidders will be given status of ‘Valued Customers’ and special cell will be established

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will auction 40 commercial plots and class-III shopping centres at prime locations in Sectors F7, F8, G8, I8, G9, F10, F11, G11 and I11 in the third week of November.

CDA Chairman Nadeem Hassan Asif has assigned responsibilities to all board members to ensure that all services including electricity, sewerage, drainage, road access and gas and water supply are provided to the plots and shopping centres. The members informed the chairman that all facilities had been ensured at the proposed auction sites.

The CDA chairman appreciated the board members’ efforts and directed them to give him a day-to-day update until the auction.

Asif said the successful bidders would be given the status of ‘Valued Customers’ and would be entertained through a special cell established to complete the post-sale requirements.

He said all post-sale formalities would be speedily completed. They would be entertained through a special counter established for this purpose and broachers would provide clear information unlike previous ones, he added.

He said instructions and terms in the broachers would be in English as well as in Urdu, adding that maps of all the proposed sites with demarcation would be displayed in the broachers. It was the first time that all sites had been physically checked and verified and the provision of all facilities ensured before the auction, he added.

Member (Engineering) Sanaullah Aman, Member (Planning and Design) Waseem Ahmed Khan, Member (Estate) Shaista Sohail, Member (Finance) Sher Bahadur Arbab and Member (Environment) Ahsan Ali Mangi attended the meeting.
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