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Full Version: Court to decide future of Sector G-14 allottees today
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Court to decide future of Sector G-14 allottees today

A civil judge of Islamabad would decide about the future of five to six thousand allotments in Sector G-14 today (Wednesday).

Earlier, the judge had stayed the land award till today (May 9) when, according to the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF), some allegedly fake persons, claiming compensation, filed an application before the court.

The civil judge had issued stay orders on the application of the aforesaid persons and the land award was postponed that was to be announced on April 23.

The judge had directed the FGEHF to submit its reply in this matter. The director (legal) of the FGEHF, Zafar Malik, while talking to ‘The News,’ said that the housing foundation in its reply to the court stated that these owners of sheds were fakes and had been occupying an area of 1,750,000 square feet in the sector. The FGEHF considers their claim illegal, Zafar Malik said.

Plots were allotted in Sector G-14 in 2004 to different segments of society on quota basis, including employees of the federal government, members of the judiciary and journalists.

As per policy of the federal government, it had to pay compensation to old inhabitants of this sector in the shape of money and developed plots. The Pak-PWD had completed its survey of old inhabitations but some other persons later built sheds at different places and had been posing themselves as old inhabitants.

Some allottees, talking to ‘The News,’ said that they were serving in their respective departments when the allotments were made. The development and land award took so much time that in the mean time they got retired and still waiting to construct houses on the plots allotted to them.

The allottees had been eagerly waiting for the land award and their eyes were fixed at the court.
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