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Full Version: 141,939 vehicles fined during 2011
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ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) fined around 1,41,939 vehicles during the current year with the objective to secure the lives of the citizens after abiding them to follow traffic rules. ITP have become model of excellence through its service-oriented policies and further endeavoring to come up to the expectations of the general public by ensuring traffic discipline in the city, said Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Mir Vais Niaz here on Tuesday while reviewing the overall performance report of the ITP during the ongoing year. Mir Vais said ITP had got the image of corruption-free and people-friendly force through hard work and eliminating the curse of corruption from the organization. He said that ITP provided help to hundreds of motorists deserted on roads due to some mechanical or other problems during last two months. During the year 2011, ITP issued 141,939 traffic violation tickets through which Rs. 26,806,200 revenue was generated. Help, Service and Equal application of law are the operational codes of the Islamabad traffic Police and ITP believes in Police - community participation and community based policing[/align]
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